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8 Channel CCTV SMPS

Model No: LRIPL173 Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) Approved

Superior Quality, Durable Product

6 Months warranty

Output Current: 1 Amp. Each Channel (Max)

Complete Protection (Lightning Thunder)

This model is a power SUPPLY for security camera power supply (8-channel). This is designed with high frequency switching technology which makes it highly reliable and compact in size and light in weight. This model operation at AC to DC, AC input 100VAC-240VAC 50-60Hz. output power 48 Watt max, with protection functions: Overload protection, over current protection, Short Circuit Protection, over temperature protection and with cable compensation switch for voltage boosting.


• Wider AC input range from 100VAC to 240VAC makes it suitable for Indian power conditions
• Protected against over load, Short circuit, & over Temperature. & short circuit means auto restart.
• Over current & over voltage protection.
• Compact size and light weight.
• Power LED indicator.
• Designed to meet all the EMI/EMC and safety requirements.
• Cable compensation SWITCH for voltage boosting.
• High efficiency & low energy consumption.
• Highly integrated SMPS switcher IC design.

Technical Detail

• Input voltages 100 – 240VAC
• Input Current < 1.0A
• Input Frequency 50HZ – 60HZ
• Ripple/Noise <100mV
• Output Voltage 12V from Each Channel
• Output Current 1 Amp. Each Channel(Max)
• Minimum Efficiency >75%
• Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50°C
• Plug Type Fix 2 –Pin Ac cable
• Output Connector Type Two pin DC connector (8-output )


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