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ATSS Active-T5 40

15,000.00 11,500.00

Active-T5 40 School, College, Factory Programmable Automatic Schedule Timer

School Timer was designed to meet the needs for an easy programmable school bell timer, to activate electric gong bell or sirens on factory floors to alert shift changes or breaks, or any similar application where an external device needs to be triggered at a specific time on a daily or weekly schedule.

Active T5-40 is microcontroller equipment which can be used for school, colleges and factories for avoiding manual interface for ringing the existing siren or a gang bell.

  • Programmable Automatic Schedule Timer
  • 5 Program 40 Time Schedules In Each Program
  • Selection of Particular Program at Desired Days
  • Changeable User Password
  • Automatic Bell Ringing Based On Programming
  • External Light On/Off Time Can Be Modified
  • Provision For Time Management
  • Manual On/Off for Bell & Light
  • On Board Keypad With 32 Bit LCD
  • Micro-Controller Based System
  • Communication for Software Rs232


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